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Hanshen won the quality control in the process of KONE certainly America

2016-04-18 15:45:17 ShangHai hanshen Co.,Ltd. Read

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"The hanshen got the quality year award, we must come to visit and study. "


Through to KONE global supplier of the general assembly, from afar KONE technology in North America, the quality of the top eight people visiting hanshen. The global supplier conference, the annual conference is full, the past has always been in the KONE company is located in Finland held a total. This year's election in Suzhou, china. To come and join the KONE people can visit to other countries, thereby understanding more suppliers get more different cultural knowledge, is to give the company the honor and opportunity. hanshen gets quality awards in the year of the year meeting, they choose to visit the first choice to become.


2016 March 29 from the presentation to the scene to product the actual inspection, from America KONE to in addition to this evaluation: it really is after selection.


"hanshen Process Quality Control is at a Good Level." KONE global purchasing director in the letter to come to the conclusion that.


The North American market is hard, is the name of the. Life is, "the challenge is impossible". If even the North American market can do, there is nothing to stop us. For the North American market is positive, from the Chinese elevator market slowdown, the rise of the North American share, the devaluation of the RMB and the development of enterprises and other multi-dimensional macro view. Earn a dollar. No doubt is a big opportunity for the Hanshen towards the "most competitive elevator machinery kit ODM factory".