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Hanshen participate in the Mexico Fashion Mall elevator project

2016-04-18 15:45:49 ShangHai hanshen Co.,Ltd. Read

(快讯)威廉希尔参与墨西哥时尚商城电梯项目 - 威廉希尔中国官网 - HANSHEN iNEWS威廉希尔资讯网

On March 8, 2016, the hanshen by manufacturing of double deck hanger commissioned by the international famous brand, to plant successfully completed the first table simulation assembly operation.


The project of 16 sets of double car hanger, the full amount of the project, after brands quality certification, in 2017 installed in Mexico fashion landmark mall Gran PATIO REVOLUCION. The project floor height but uses a lot of double deck hanger, allegedly brands in order to solve a large number of people of the launch efficiency and intelligent elevator transportation project design, this is not difficult to know, demands for efficiency has officially in the global elevator industry and the construction industry fire such as tea launched. To get the whole number of single project commissioned by the brand, more quality assurance Hanshin double deck hanger and competitive strength.