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Hanshen Production Management System

The hPMS (hanshen Production Management System) is to QUALITY as the core, combined with Lean 5S lean Production, ISO and VDA6.3 standard, through continuous optimization of process, and uninterrupted education and trainings, carry out the plan of "Keeping Focus on Customer Satisfaction", the integration model of production management system.

Equipment and Capacity

We have full range of sophisticated machineries in hundreds for high-end lift components which are referred to six production lines as follows. The annual capacity is 35000 sets of lift mechanical units.

1. Powder Coating Line

2. Welding Line

3. Pulley Machining Line

4. Sheet Metal Working Line

5. Machining Line 

6. Assembly & Packing Flow Line

Quality Assurance System

Only in a very professional way of work, not only to do the right thing but also to do the thing right, in order to become a reliable supplier partner to customers. In quality assurance, we apply 100% inspection policy. And also through the practice and application of various quality control tools, constantly analysis and improvement in the case of quality failure. hanshen keep working on "To do the thing right" getting the accumulation of our manufacturing experience and quality reputation. The Quality Control Tools applied running on are consists of [CTQ]、[QCP]、[SIP]、[SOP] and [SPC].In the KONE supplier day of 2016, hanshen is awarded as The Best Quality Supplier.

Delivery Performance

hanshen technical and mechanical engineers are always playing the important role in the research and development of innovative technology with customers. We are a true war experienced team in high speed and complex elevator components. Our employee, respectively, in the production, technology, quality, intentions and professional play welll on their own position, with a very rapid action to support each other, echoing the rapid operation of the world.

In addition to excellent performance in the delivery of the customer's KPI , hanshen have shown a efficiency technology skills on the process of  "elevator-set-order" - "BOM" (Bill of Materials) – Production – Assembly & Logistics with a efficiency technology decomposition that won by gradually non-standard and short delivery of the elevator market attention.     

Mock-Up & Training Tower

Quality of Elevator is decided by 30% manufacturing and 70% the installation and maintenance.For super large mechanical unit installed as high-speed and super high-speed elevator,  the simulation of assembly and adjustment shows the importance.In order to ensure the installation quality and safety of the elevator, we renew a more safe and convenient Mock-up Tower. In addition to providing customers with the use of quality inspection and education and training, but also to provide the upstream and downstream tire suppliers, a mechanical simulation of the assembly and research.

Bar-code System & Feedback Support

Complex and diverse parts of the elevator, the site of the missing and wrong of the dispute is a long been a challenge to customers. In order to solve this problem, we use the packing flow line and barcode management system, successfully to reduce more than 60% of the site's missing&worng rate for customer.At the same time, when the feedback comes from end users, we can directly to the site to coordinate and solve the dispute for customers.

Tier Supplier Development and Management

As a global strategy supplier partner of the international well-known elevator company. With a foundation of a China local manufacturer, of years-experience of productionsourcing and logistics in elevator industry, hanshen owns the ability to develop and select the tire suppliers with a complete set of tire supplier management education system for customers to do the source quality control.